Tips, Tricks and Techniques for Creating Accessible Documents

Assume your materials

- May be made into PDF documents
- May be put online (made into HTML)
- May be viewed by people who have a sensory disability
- May be used by users for whom English is not their first language
- May be used by new or non-readers
- May be lost or misplaced by those who have problems with organization

Add Captions to images

Microsoft Word


Use Color Effectively

Use Effective Color Contrast

Word processor Features

  • Use features in the word processor for formatting instead of using spaces or tabs.
  • Use Headings for formatting instead of font changes.
  • Reverse Indent

Access Project at Colorado State - Universally Design Instruction Modules on creating accessible documents and web pages. Great introduction on UDL

Accessible Docs Wikispaces - Wiki updated and Maintained by Cheryl Wissick

Let's practice:
Google Drive Document Educational Technology Position
Google Translate: