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Links to each guideline and checkpoint with related curriculum resources that exemplify each point

For educators to develop their own digital books to support reading instruction for children aged 3 and up. Browse and read books in the digital library.

UDL Editions
Learning features include leveled supports to build reading strategies and help readers understand the elements of the author's craft

Learn how to research on the Web and read strategically.

Rose, D., & Meyer, A. (2002). Teaching Every Student in the Digital Age: Universal Design for Learning, Alexandria, VA: Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development (ASCD). Available online (free digital version) at, or by purchasing the print version from

The Principles of Universal

These seven principles may be applied to evaluate existing designs, guide the design process and educate both designers and consumers about the characteristics of more usable products and environments.”

Leadership Academies - Module 4: Universal Designs for

This is a module is part of Professional Learning by the National Institute for Urban School Improvement.

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Science Writer Tool that supports middle and high school students in writing science reports.
UDL Lesson Builder
UDL Editions Applications of UDL in Reading - multiple supports for presentation, engagement, & expression.
BookBuilder Create your own books with support and audio
Strategy Tutor Step by step approach to researching a topic and writing a report

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